Finding Your Home Away from Home for That Houston Internship

Congratulations on scoring that prestigious internship in Houston! You must have really impressed them in the interviews with your experience and poise. Now it’s time to secure some quality housing for the duration of your stay in the city.

Congratulations on scoring that killer internship in Houston! Now it’s time to secure some quality housing for the duration of your stay in the city.

Houston Housing 101 for Interns
Houston does not offer too many dorm-style housing options for visiting interns, so you’ll be responsible for making your own fully-independent arrangements. No problem though – consider it good practice for when you’re dealing with real world responsibilities after graduation!

Budget for Your Intern Housing
First order of business is working out a reasonable budget. Be sure to thoroughly research and check average rental rates for studio apartments or shared units in neighborhoods near your office. Make sure to account for additional hidden expenses like utilities, parking fees, furnishings and cleaning costs. While online booking platforms like Airbnb provide more flexibility, watch out for all the tacked-on service charges that really add up over months. Don’t let temporary convenience distract from long-term savings.

Research Commuting Times & Transportation
Carefully think about your ideal commute time to the workplace. How far are you willing to travel each morning – 15 minutes? 30 minutes? 45 minutes? Draw some parameters based on the modes of transportation available. Prioritize locations along or near public transportation lines like the METRORail if you won’t have your own car. Efficiency and affordability will be key. Maybe even walk or bike if you secure something close by.

Compare Neighborhood Amenities
When selecting a neighborhood, look for centrally situated areas like Midtown that put grocery stores, quaint cafes, happy hour spots and entertainment venues all within either walking distance or a quick train ride. Access to little conveniences makes a tremendous difference for maintaining quality of life while immersed in the internship! You want some go-to destinations for when you need a casual night out after long days at the office.

Vet Safety Features Before Booking
Also carefully evaluate safety features and security protocols before booking your intern housing. Secure gated parking, thorough guest background checks and high-tech access systems indicate responsible property management. You want to feel completely at ease in your living space at the end of a hectic work day. Ask questions and verify details.

Evaluate Different Housing Options
Rather than an expensive extended stay hotel or risky short-term rental, consider booking a flexible furnished apartment with all-inclusive service and amenities tailored specifically for interns on assignment. Lodgeur’s Midtown apartments put you right in the middle of the action with a comfortable home base for focusing on professional development until the opportunity of a lifetime concludes!

Luxury Amenities at Lodgeur
Lodgeur offers allll the ideal amenities for maximizing your intern experience. Fully loaded kitchens to cook Insta-worthy meals on a budget. Chic furnishings worthy of an influencer flat. Resort-style pool, sundeck and fitness center to stay healthy in your downtime.

Midtown Turnkey Furnished Rentals
Everything optimized for turnkey living – just bring your suitcase and laptop! Lightning fast WiFi, bedding/towels, biweekly cleaning service, utility bills – all included. No annoying extra charges or fees.

Network with Previous Interns
Previous big name Lodgeur interns repped companies like NASA, Google, United Airlines, top consulting firms, investment banks and Fortune 500s. Plus students from Harvard, UT Austin, TAMU and more. You’ll network with a variety of other driven students!

Virtual Tours of Units & Amenities

Before you book, take a virtual tour of available units. Peep room layouts, finishes and floor plans. Visualize views from private balconies. Check out community amenities like the club lounge and gaming area.